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Conditions of Sale
1. General

All orders for products ("Products") will be accepted by Cables Direct subject to these terms and conditions. Any person who places orders for Products with Cables Direct ("Customer") is bound by these terms and conditions.

No other terms or conditions will apply to the supply of Products by Cables Direct unless they are accepted in writing by Cables Direct.

All descriptions and illustrations of the Products contained in the Cables Direct web site or otherwise communicated to the Customer are approximate only, and shall not form part of these terms and conditions. Although Cables Direct endeavours to ensure information in the web site is correct, this cannot be guaranteed.

Cables Direct reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

2. Prices

The prices of Products listed on the web site are current. Cables Direct reserves the right to change the price of any Product at any time. Custom Products or any Products where a quotation is provided will be sold at the prices set out in the relevant quotation supplied by Cables Direct.

All prices specified by Cables Direct exclude GST and the Customer must pay any applicable GST in addition to the price specified.

3. Ordering

Cables Direct reserves the right to decline to trade with any company or person. In addition, Cables Direct may decline to accept any order, whether or not payment has been received, by giving notice of non-acceptance to the Customer by facsimile, email or telephone. If Cables Direct declines to accept an order where payment has been received, Cables Direct will refund the payment.

Cables Direct executes orders to the Customer's requirements, and will not substitute an ordered Product for another Product unless the Customer has so requested or the ordered Product has been superseded.

4. Shipping

Most orders are delivered by courier and will be delivered to the Customer's nominated address as notified to Cables Direct. Larger orders will take longer to be dispatched and delivered. For more information regarding shipping, please visit:

5. Inspection, Transit Delays and Non-delivery

The Customer must inspect all Products supplied as soon as is reasonably possible after delivery and shall, within 7 days of delivery, give written notice to Cables Direct of the following:

  1. Any defect in a Product that is apparent on reasonable examination. In this case Cables Direct shall, at Cables Direct's discretion, replace the Product or refund the purchase price in accordance with the Warranty condition. The Customer must refuse parcels delivered in a damaged condition.

  2. Any shortfall in Products delivered. In this case Cables Direct shall, at its discretion, deliver the undelivered Products or refund the price of the undelivered Products.

  3. Any delivery of Products not in accordance with the order. In this case Cables Direct shall, at Cable Direct's discretion, replace the Products or refund the purchase price.

If the Customer fails to give any such notice, the Customer will be deemed to have accepted the relevant order as being delivered in accordance with the Customer's instructions and to have accepted the Products as being free from all apparent defects.

The remedies set out above are the Customer's exclusive remedies for non-delivery, late delivery or short delivery of Products, apparent defects in ordered Products, or delivery of Products not in accordance with the order. Cables Direct shall not be liable for any other losses, consequential or otherwise.

6. Payment

The Customer may use MasterCard, Visa or American Express credit cards or any other credit card Cables Direct chooses to accept, subject to authorisation. Any subsequent refund of orders paid for by credit card will be made to the relevant credit card account. No other forms of payment are accepted unless by prior approval.

7. Product and Availability Information

Cables Direct reserves the right to discontinue any Product or to change its design at any time.

Unless otherwise confirmed, nothing on the web site is to be taken as a representation of the source of origin, manufacture, or production of any Products or any part thereof.

8. Liability

Decisions for the use of Products remain the responsibility of the Customer and involve subjective knowledge, which the Customer acknowledges is not available to Cables Direct. The Customer also acknowledges that it has not relied on any information or advice given by Cables Direct in relation to any Products and that Cables Direct is not liable for damage, loss or expense resulting from the failure to give advice or information or the giving of incorrect advice or information whether or not due to Cables Direct's negligence or that of its employees, agents or sub-contractors.

In no event shall any breach:

  1. of these terms and conditions or any implied warranties, terms and conditions (whether statutory or otherwise); or

  2. of any other duty of any kind imposed on Cables Direct by law arising out of or in relation to the sale of Products,

give rise to any liability for punitive damages, or damages for loss of revenue, loss of profits or expected future business, damage to reputation or goodwill, loss of any order or contract or any consequential or indirect loss or damage arising from any cause.

9. Return of Products Policy

The Customer may only return Products to Cables Direct, and receive a refund, on the following conditions:

  1. The Customer must return Products to Cables Direct in their original condition and in their original packaging within 14 days of the delivery date stated on the delivery documentation, and must specify the relevant invoice number.

  2. The Customer must contact Cables Direct via email to obtain a returns number.

  3. Where specific instructions appear on the web site in respect of the return of any Product, the Customer must follow those instructions.

  4. All items affixed or incorporated into the Product by the Customer must be removed from the Product prior to its return to Cables Direct.

  5. All Products are returned to Cables Direct at the Customer's risk, and Cables Direct accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to them or any items received by Cables Direct with them.

  6. Products must be adequately packed and dispatched freight prepaid, clearly labelled, to Cables Direct Limited, 8 Edie Street, Wigram, Christchurch 8042, New Zealand.

Products accepted for return will be credited at invoice value less any frieght content. Cables Direct, however, reserves the right to apply a handling charge of 20% of invoice value.

10. Order Cancellations

The Customer may not cancel orders once accepted by Cables Direct. Any cancellation (or part cancellation) of an order will only be accepted on Cables Direct's consent and the Customer must indemnify Cables Direct in respect of any expense incurred by Cables Direct relating to the cancellation of any order. In the event of part cancellation of orders based on bulk quantity pricing, Cables Direct may invoice the Customer for the difference between the price for the bulk quantity and the standard pricing if the cancellation results in the order being classified as a 'non-bulk' order.

11. Force Majeure

Cables Direct will not be in breach of its contract with the Customer for any delay in performing, or failure to perform, its obligations under these terms and conditions if that delay or failure was due to any cause or circumstance beyond Cable Direct's reasonable control or by its inability to procure Products required for the performance of its obligations under these terms and conditions. Cables Direct shall not be held responsible for any delay in the delivery of, or inability to deliver, any orders.

Prices are in New Zealand Dollars and Exclude GST
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